Burgers & Deployed

One afterIMG_4264noon my phone buzzed with a text message from Mike. He wanted to FaceTime before he got ready for bed. Right now he’s 8 hours ahead in time while he’s
stationed in Kuwait, so conveniently my lunches are now spent with him, virtually.

On this particular FaceTime he had some big news. In his 6 days he had been there, he has consumed 4 burgers. Thus the Burger Count was invented. How many burgers can he eat in 6 months? Will he get sick of them? Is that possible?

History of the Burger

Burgers are a staple in our relationship. It has been since the first time we met, to our first date to now. When we met for the first time in the dog park, we gushed about our affinity for ground beef between two sesame seeded buns. Our first date we went to a pub, and I fearlessly ordered a cheeseburger with bacon. Mike was bewildered by this, because on previous dates with women they tended to tread cautiously with food choice and would opt for a salad or perhaps something with chicken. But I was different, and he complimented me. Seconds after the cheeseburger arrived, I devoured it. I could see the twinkle in his eye as I chopped down, he sensed there was something different about me. And I was just so glad he wasn’t repulsed by my uncouthness and lack of control at the dinner table.


Failed Mugshots Challenge

Since that first date, we have established a hamburger traditions, such as the 2 by 2 Hamburger Relay. What this relay consists of is we both get two hamburgers and we try to eat it as fast as possible. There is no awards, just moral victory and merciless bouts of bragging. Mike was in my corner and very encouraging when I made the decision to take on the Mugshots Burger Challenge. It’s a 4lb burger to be consumed in 12 minutes. I failed it, but he was still proud of my efforts. Whenever there is a question of what to get for dinner, the hamburger question always comes up. Perhaps Red Robin? Maybe hit up Publix and grill at home? Either way, Mike is a phenomenal burger eating partner and when he’s manning the grill, like in cartoons I feel like my heart is popping out of my chest because it’s swelled with love.

And now that he’s deployed in the Middle East for the next 6 months, the burger count is on.

What is the Burger Count?

What I’m learning as a military girlfriend, besides patience, is that what he has to do is beyond the realm of fathomable working conditions. I simply cannot empathize with Mike right now so all I can do is support and do my job on the state side.IMG_6020

He’s working 12 hour days in an unfamiliar setting to us civilians, and to make the time go by a little bit faster he needs to track days without using time. Crossing out the dates he’s been there will be mentally draining, and counting down the weeks will be as agonizing as filling up an Olympic sized pool with water. So instead his units of measurement for time will be burger consumption. Plus I always ask him what he eats over there because sometimes meals ARE the highlight of the day.

So, what’s the estimated amount of burgers he can consume while he is overseas? By October perhaps 75-80 burgers? We’ll see.

So why make a website dedicated to Burger Counts?

TIMG_3034his is a way for me to update you all on his progress. Not just about what he eats. I’ll also post about dealing with his absence. You see, the way I measure time is by writing and remembering. Writing has helped me sort through very difficult stages in my life, and by no means will this deployment be a cake walk.

I will make the perfect meat here with blending food, writing, and cracking a little exercise tips to hold it together.

Counting Burgers until the Airman comes home.


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