First Impressions

Meet Mike:


Hi Mike

He’s super handsome, knows how to operate a grill and is a lover of dogs. We actually met at the dog park in August 2015. He promotes clean and tidy living, and weekly usage of the vacuum cleaner. Extremely¬†observant, especially about misplaced clothes in the living room or wedged in the corner. He’s very intelligent and witty. This blog is actually his idea, but more on that later.

Meet Julia:


Hi Julia

I’m the author here, I enjoy working out and talking about fitness. I run the popular instagram account Just kidding, not that popular… yet. I perpetually sport a messy bun and wear work out clothes 90% of the time. Usually because I just finished a work out or I’m getting ready for one. I have a perceived repulsion against vacuum cleaners, says Mike, but under no circumstance is it true.

Any way I too love dogs.


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