What you need to know about the Taco Diet

During Mike’s deployment, here on the homefront, I had to rely on my instincts and abilities to cook for one.

Cooking for one reignited a pain that has dimmed as time pressed forward, but it’s a trick and mentality I have acquired and practiced during this period alone.

The infamous mango salsa was created on Monday to complement this weeks spicy pork tacos. Thank goodness pork butt and boneless ribs were on sale.

But what the hell is the deal with tacos? Taco count is staggering, guaranteed 250+ tacos will be devoured by the time Mike comes home. Might be 250 by mid-August.

Hello, Taco Count.

An unwanted W

A Little background on the original Taco Diet:

In 2015 a diet took America by storm, the Taco Cleanse. This fun and satirical book poke fun at diets and the diet industry by recommending a 30-Day Taco Diet Cleanse and introducing the world to the Taco Diet. This popular taco diet is primarily vegan, but consumers can adjust it to their liking and nutritional needs.


Not my Taco Diet:

I learned about the Taco Cleanse today by typing into google the ‘Taco Diet.’ I am not on a taco cleanse. This is as foreign to me as Brexit.

My social media is marketing my affair with tacos. My taco diet commenced in April and continues to gain momentum each week. Since the week of April 1st, the corn tortilla has been the bed of tender slow cooked meats, legumes, and melted cheese topped with a drizzle of sriracha, guacamole or homemade…

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