Coping Skills

How to grow a relationship during deployment

IMG_7180It over the halfway point now of the deployment and Mike will be home second week of October, so it seems. These past three months have been, uh, interesting and haven’t challenged our relationship too much. I’m going to just come out with it cause it’s 100% true, being widowed has made the deployment not so bad.

Yes there’s times when I feel like I’m a lunatic because I miss him so much, but then we text, talk, FaceTime and it’s like well, there he is. Communicating and making me smile. Though when he was battling his cold, I was quick to pretend I had no cell service. He can be a grouch, but all things considered, isn’t everyone less than their best when fighting a virus or cold? He didn’t have a choice to take a day off for his health or mental wellbeing, he is there for a job and he’s going to do it whether he has phlegm billowing down his throat or head clogged up with mucus. Gross imagery.

We fight, we get annoyed with each other, we say hurtful things we don’t mean, but it never lingers for too long. Mike and I don’t tend to fight for lengths of time. His misgivings don’t bother me too much, and usually he comes around to my liberal whimsies. IMG_1312

Our relationship is growing stronger throughout this deployment. We talk about it a lot actually. We look forward to when we’re back together and we talk a lot about that first week he’s back. It appears the consensus is he will sleep for roughly 36 hours straight, only to be stirred from his slumber with a plate of wings or a sausage and pepperoni pizza.

We usually are able to get FaceTime in 4 or 5 of the days a week, and it’s really comforting to see his face. I like when he gets a new haircut because he usually asks me if it looks too military. Usually it’s a resounding yes, but someone likes to show off their peacock feathers. We talk about his days, I tell him I’m getting fat, he ignores me to then immediately change the subject to the dogs, which I then tell him update on both of their lives. Bodie is really into hip hop these days, and Brady is learning Spanish. We comment on how much we love each other and then he asks me the last time I vacuumed and strangely enough the internet connection drops. It’s the weirdest thing.

But we both know we’ll be back together soon enough. And the anticipation making the day bearable. I look forward to hearing him, seeing him, and talking to him and I think it’s the same for him too. When September hits I hope it flies by, because the sooner he’s back I’ll feel whole again. A part of me is so far away, and I’m getting by the best I can. Also people are wondering why I can’t make eye contact with them, so the sooner he gets home I can start being human again. So until tomorrow when he’s at midnight meal, I’ll continue to plug away at my daily tasks until my pleasant interruption from my favorite Airman.

He’s had two more burgers since last update. He’s slacking. In other news I’ve had about 20 tacos in the past 6 days. Puts my daily taco count since his deployment at a staggering 116 tacos.IMG_8390


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