Coupons on Father’s Day

IMG_8282Coupons this weekend were pretty disappointing. Another carpet cleaning and also for some electronics I don’t need. Though, I did get a full page of deals for Captain D’s but besides a few giggles I threw them away.

Today I grilled burgers for Father’s Day. Mike would tell me stories about how in South Dakota after his night shift from base, he would sit outside in the morning drinking beers and grilling steaks as his dinner, meanwhile his neighbors were leaving their houses to go to work. This evening after work, I decided to grill. Except I had hard cider and not a beer. I just finished a project on hard ciders and I was craving one.

IMG_8286My burgers were okay, I struggled with keeping them together on the grill. Mike is such a good griller, and I know he doesn’t have issues with keeping them from falling apart. But it did remind me of one time when he made me grilled shrimp.

When we first started dating he told me about how his dad helped him move to Montgomery. And one of the pieces of dating advice he received from his dad before he flew back to New England was about how women love croissants. I’m sure I’m butchering this story, by the way. Pretty sound advice if you ask me. I love croissants!

One morning we went out to breakfast and we got breakfast sandwiches on croissants and I remember Mike taking a picture and sending it to his dad. I believe the response was– and I’m paraphrasing– see told you girls like croissants. Next time try grilled shrimp with pineapple-mango chutney. Then she’ll really be into you.

Like damn, I do like shrimp and pineapple-mango chutney too.


So one evening Mike asked me what I wanted to do for dinner and he was hoping to grill.  I remembered the shrimp idea so I suggested let’s do shrimp. At this point in the relationship it was early on so we were trying to impress each other and hadn’t reached the sweatpant phase. So I was still wearing make up, getting manicures and wearing deodorant.

I went to Mike’s apartment and he had bought a ton of fresh shrimp (not frozen) and the grill was heating up. I don’t remember the side, but I don’t think it was pineapple-mango chutney because I think I commented about how I wish there was mango chutney and proceeded to see tumble weed blow across the floor with faint sounds of crickets.


But the shrimp was falling through the grill grate and Mike was getting irritated with how they were being insubordinate. He was hollering a little bit about the shrimp kamikaze into the flames. And for the ones who did make it to the plate were super tasty. Though we lost several shrimps, we headed out to get frozen yogurt afterwards and that’s when we got into our first scuffle about how I eat all the toppings. Which is 100% true and if he’s going to share a dessert with me you can’t sleep on the heath bar cause they will be gone.

That’s one of my favorite early on date stories because of his passion for wanting to eat every single shrimp possible. I admire the dedication to culinary excellence and I too like to eat as many shrimps as possible.


We bonded early on because of the mutual admiration of having a hearty appetite. I mean we met at the dog park and proceeded to learn about our similar affinity for beer, wings and pizza.

This evening, my sad attempt to grill two burgers and watch chunks of meat break off into the depths of inferno made me miss Mike. I remembered the shrimp grilling moment and made me smile. Soon enough he’ll be back and I can’t wait to have my airman home so he can man the grill and prove why he’s the best grill master in my life.


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