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Battle of the Burger

IMG_8207Mike has been really slow rolling with his burger consumption. He’s had only 2 burgers in the month of June. I really thought for his birthday he was going to slam dunk a burger x10, but he didn’t. He went with chicken, again. His chicken sandwich consumption is more than impressive. He’s probably eaten a coop of chicken so far. I feel like every evening we FaceTime he’s eating some form of poultry.

It’s kind of a disappointment. But in other news he’s lost I think 15lbs or so since he’s been overseas! So there’s that little victory in all of this. Though weight loss isn’t that important but establishing healthier eating habits are. Which draws me to my next segment.

Lately I’ve been trying extremely hard to limit eating out. I really need to save money, so I buy whatever meat is on sale, throw it into the crock pot with rotel because that is also pretty inexpensive, drain, skillet heat and then make tacos. Corn tortillas are way less expensive than flour so I’ve been buying corn. I’ve discovered I can feed myself for a week for about $20. I call it the taco diet.

IMG_4342The problem is coupons. Every week I get a new batch of coupons and usually they are for carpet cleaning bullshit or Church’s chicken. Both are useless to me. But in the past two weeks Burger King coupons have arrived and the yearn for BK is growing. For example this morning it was the first thought I had when I woke up. So much so I’ve started thinking about best plan of attack of getting a whopper into my stomach.

What time of day would be best to eat a whopper? If I had it right at 10:30a when they start serving lunch, I would have enough time left in the day to work off the 677 calories of whopper goodness. Except the coupon is for buy 1 get 1 free! So do I run before I eat the whoppers and use it as refuel, or just roll the dice, eat both and hope I don’t get sick and work out later. Damn these coupons!

It’s so trashy, I know. But I love hamburgers and I haven’t had a whopper in a few years. It’s like the coupons are begging me to walk in. Take a step toward your burger throne and try our deals. If you like the first burger, the second one is here waiting. Here’s the unhealthy truth to all of this, and why there’s a growing obesity problem: The cost of 2 whoppers with the coupon is cheaper than a Publix prepackaged salad.

IMG_8269Tonight the id was super strong. Whispering to me to get in the car and use that 2 for 1 coupon. To go enjoy a whopper because I had a salad for lunch. But then my superego was fighting it, screaming at me to stick with eating healthy. To not succumb to the delicious deals of the king. Finally my ego pulled me to the kitchen and I cut up a Granny Smith apple and smothered it with peanut butter. Seemed like a half way decent compromise. Though if only it were Nutella… Perhaps this weekends coupons will have better grocery options for me to fixate on. I’ll have to wait and see.


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