Coping Skills

Feeling the void

IMG_4365I think Mike and I are starting to feel the distance. Well I know I am and I know he’s been missing the pups pretty bad recently. We’ve been doing more FaceTime when he eats his midnight meal, which I actually like. It’s like we’re having dinner together even though the distance is vast. When he’s stateside we have dinner together and this mimics it as best as it can. He’s my permanent dinner date and I love it.

I’m starting to feel lonely. But I also think a large part of it is not having a set routine. I just got back from Connecticut and next Tuesday I’m off to Colorado, and then back to Connecticut. It’s a lot of traveling and the uncertainty is wearing on me. The dogs have been providing me cuddle therapy to settle my emotions. Except when they fart, that’s something I can deal without.

Mike has been grinding at his work. He told me yesterday when he got off the moment IMG_4970he laid down he passed out. Didn’t even have a chance to de-robe from his uniform entirely that’s how tired he’s been. I hope the care packages get to him soon. He’ll be getting tons of goodies all at one. His parents, his best friend and I all sent him packages right around the same time. He’ll feel lots of love for sure.

I really miss him. Sort of a gut twisting kind of miss. I don’t like to be a downer. I’m going to write more about this in my personal blog.

Anyway, Mike had another burger so his consumption is up to 13.


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