Coping Skills

Sleep, work and repeat

Siblings Fighting over Hamburger

More burgers please

My apologies for not updating this in a week or so. Mike and I talk regularly, but there’s isn’t too many new additions to our conversation. Though, Mike has been incorporating more exercise into his daily routines, which is a good mental and mood stabilizer. He’s scoured the web for the perfect work out program after disapproving of the one I was beginning to construct. To be honest, I need more practice and he noted I wrote it too muddled, so I’ll work on my execution. Sigh. But anyway, there’s this website that focuses on strengthening and muscle building, and it was to what he was looking for. I looked at the routines and they are rather simple, so I’m going to try and emulate his style as I push forward with physical training routines. It’s been fun catching up on his reviews of the work outs though.

His night shifts are long, and I believe one person has been moved to the mornings recently, so it’s just him and another operating the night time. I can imagine that’s a lot of pressure.


No chicken sandwich emojis

He’s been crushing chicken sandwiches, which DO NOT COUNT towards the Burger Count. C’mon Mike, get it together! But since the last update he has added one more burger to the count. Me on the other hand I think I’ve had about 4-5 burgers since the last update. I love hamburgers. A lot. It’s one of the reasons why I think Mike likes me actually. On our first date, I had no shame ordering a bacon cheeseburger. He even complimented my hearty appetite. Talking about food let me talk more about myself and how it relates to food:

I’ve been making extra cash here and there as a freelance writer, and I wrote an article about carbohydrates and it was well received so the company has contracted me for 5 more articles. Most are about food and diets. I am really digging on this food writing thing. Like I love food, I love eating and I love writing. So yeah, why not put it all together. They’re researched based articles so it’s not my opinion, and I’ve been learning about the history of food and how they impact how our bodies operate. I recently wrote one about carrots and I learned some fun World War 2 history involving the Royal Air Force. I was so excited to share my newly acquired information with Mike. But my articles are going well, and I recently have been hired as a ghostwriter for a non fiction book about Alcohol. I’m enjoying writing again, and to be honest because I’m writing so much, I’m not updating my personal website. Though I really should because I don’t need to research or edit these. I can just verbal vomit on the page and go on with my merry ways.


Return to Burgers

I’m making a care package for Mike and I’m looking forward to sending it to him. His birthday is in less than a month so mark your calendars to send your birthday cards to him by June 10th!


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