May Day!

IMG_3331Today is May 1st and in two weeks I’m heading back to Connecticut for the first time since October. I cannot wait. I’m running ANOTHER half marathon on May 19th in Simsbury. I hope all this humidity running will translate when I head up there.

So Mike and I haven’t had a lot of time to talk since he’s moved to his evening shift. When he wakes up he has to hustle to the chow hall, which is like 6p at night. He has to be in the office at 9p, so usually when we FaceTime it’s only for 5-10 minutes.

Neither one of us have any urgent issues to discuss because he pretty much sleeps, eats, work. And I’m currently just applying for jobs, and studying for my certification exam. Side note on my upcoming exam: I’ve been failing tons and tons of practice exams and today I took two and passed them so it turns out all those failed practice exams are starting to pay off.

I had a phone interview today and it went really well. I have a follow up in-person IMG_4070interview later this week. I’ve also been applying for freelance writing jobs and was offered one in fitness, health and nutrition. All the possibilities are hanging there and I just have to reach out and grab one.

So one month ago today Mike went to the airport to begin the first leg of travel for this deployment. Even though it was just a month, so much has changed. There’s this book he gave me to read awhile ago called the Forever War by Joe Hadleman. It’s a science fiction book, but the backdrop and inspiration is Vietnam War. Anyway, in the book it talks about how the world was constantly changing every time the protagonist, William Mandella, returned back home but one thing remained constant and that was his love for Marygay Potter. Through all the societal and cultural changes, he always found his way back to Marygay.

IMG_4433I’m beginning to understand why returning home might be jarring. Things will be different here than how they were when he left. And as he gets in the rhythm of being overseas and on a routine in the Middle East, when he comes back things just won’t be the same. But the pups and I will be waiting for our Airman to return.

2 more burgers down. 11 total consumed. I wonder if I can find a half marathon for June to train for…


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