Job Switch

IMG_0896Mike is pulling an all nighter tonight because he is going to a new shift at his job. So instead of working 7a-7p he’s doing 9p-9a. Graveyard nursing job shift is usually what pops in my head when I think of the 9p beginning work times.

Nothing tremendously new is going on except he is thriving and doing well. He’ll be traveling to Iraq in the near future which has me shifting in my seat, but he’s pumped to go.

Here on the home front, Brady (Mike’s dog) destroyed some blinds when the lawn care service was servicing the lawn. Brady also went bananas last night when there was some mischievous sounds coming from outside the bedroom window. Turned out to be a couple cats mating. IT WAS THE WORST AND CREEPIEST SOUNDS OF ALL TIME. So I was really glad he sprung into action to bark nonstop at the debauchery happening at the bordello which is apparently our backyard.

I’m applying to a couple jobs a day. I’ve started to hear back from a few with interviews, so that’s really comforting and exciting. Here’s to a new career path. I’ve also learned how to make forms on WordPress.

Nailed it. Yeah so I’m learning basic web development. Kind of got me in trouble today, but hopefully it has been resolved. I’ll know later on.

So Mike had a burger yesterday and again today. I believe it brings his burger count to 10 but he’s insisting it is at 9. There’s a potential I accidentally included one of my burger consumptions in there. There’s a strong possibility of that.

My fitness levels have increased since my ribs have started to feel better from that lacrosse game 2 weeks ago. I WAS going to make a work out suggestion but then I got injured. I’ll post something soon. promise.



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