Finding a purpose

IMG_6124Living in Alabama has been quite an experience. I’ve grown up tremendously since moving down here. I made the decision in 2015 to take a coaching job at the college that recently notified me they will not be renewing me for the next school year. I’m really resilient so though that door has shut, I’m beginning to see many other opportunities in the horizon that await me. I knew the moment I took this job it was either going to be a great career move or sink it. Well, it was a dead end, but I came here and met Mike, created an EXCEPTIONAL support system and have made lifelong relationships and friends. Though professionally not the best decision, personally it has been a ethereal.

Mike’s career is like a locomotive and is continuous barreling forward, with occasional stops on the way. I really feel unequipped discussing military because I truly feel so ignorant. I try really hard to understand the jargon, tasks, etc. but I don’t want to overstep so I rather say as little as possible to be cautious. But I do know this, he is on his first deployment and he needed this to propel his career. IMG_0916

In the months of January and February he was away at training in two different states for the job he is doing right now in Kuwait. I might get a quick text to take this down, but Mike had been doing TONS of training from November to February. At one point when I was complaining about something so minimal and mundane to him, I reflected about what he was going through and felt like I should really simmer down. 5 weeks with one training, then 3 weeks off to get back to his normal job/holiday break, and then he went off for 4 more weeks of training, and then right afterwards 5 weeks of another. Then home for a month until he deployed. But that’s military life, and surprisingly when I look back it seemed like it went by pretty quickly, but from his end he might say otherwise.


We didn’t have the chance to FaceTime yesterday because when he got off work, I was out play lacrosse with my adult team, but we texted for a bit and it seems like he has found his groove out there. Seizing the opportunities that come knocking at this door, and showing his value. I’m really proud because all those weeks away he finally can flex the vigor of his training.

His burger count is up to 8. I destroyed a 1lb burger yesterday after my lacrosse game. But the burger place I went to had some love for the patriots. and I certainly love my patriot.


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