Coping Skills

16 hours and hurt

This week, I have labeled Hell Week. Mike is doing something, a mission, super secret, top secret (I think) and has limited access to his phone. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s secret, I assume everything he does is one of those wink-wink, hush-hush things. Either that or I really lack in the ‘Always Listen First’ skills. Which could be more accurate than describing his Hell Week as super secret. Anyway, this week in particular he is doing 16 hour work days, so he goes in at 6:30a and usually gets off of work between 8-10p.


When he gets off work he does shoot me a text saying he’s off of work. Yesterday we 18010221_10211789568351114_8202476115243099195_nwere able to FaceTime for a bit and he was really proud of how he did, and today he got off an went straight to bed. But we texted briefly and he again reiterated he felt good about his performance, and then to make things even better he upped his burger consumption. He’s now up to 7 hamburgers consumed.

He went back to basics today with his burger, nothing special just cheese ketchup
and mustard. Simple but delicious. He also said the tacos for taco Tuesday looked relatively unappetizing so he burgered it. Good, safe choice.

IMG_0739 (1)When Mike texts me after long bouts of no communication, he’s so sweet because he’ll tell me something that helped him get through the day. Sometimes its a joke he heard and wanted to tell me, or it’s something we did together and it made him chuckle. So when we first started dating, I never really listened to country music, but of course being in he South you better get your Luke Bryan fix or else. So when I started listening to country music, I would make up song titles for Mike’s country album. We would be doing whatever, and he would say or do something, and I would just respond with “yeah that’ll go on your country album.” Soon we just started making a laundry list of potential country songs. Like he would get grumpy if people idled too long once a light goes from red to green. Thus “gas pedal is on your right,” was born. One time he pulled a hot dog out of Brady’s mouth and then tried to brush the hair back from my eyes and I asked, “is that hot dog hand?” and there was another song born. It’s a fun inside joke we had, and he mentioned it today. Which made me really happy too.

Especially because I’ve been feeling a little homesick. I really shouldn’t complain though. But I still will.

I booked my plane ticket back to Connecticut today to go see my family. Since I bought the ticket, I’ve been getting increasingly anxious and also I haven’t been home since October, so the homesickness is creeping in hard. But going home is another event for me to look forward to. Allow the time to pass quickly. And soon my Airman will be back before I know it with a belly full of burgers.

IMG_3957Side note: I hurt my ribs which has created a lot of discomfort for me. It hurts to breathe. My main tactic to battle anxiety and dread is exercise and that has been limited. I’m on injury reserve until mundane tasks can be completed pain free. Ugh.

I want to run! This has delayed my beginnings of the 50 mile run challenge. Which by the way there is a link at the top of the web page where the Facebook icon is. hint hint. Join. cough cough.




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