Coping Skills

2 weeks and Progress

Last I spoke with Mike he seems like things are starting to settle in. As with any rapid change there is an adjustment period, and it seems like he’s starting to come into a new routine. His days are long but there appears to be little victories scattered throughout. These are not HIS WORDS these are mine and my interpretation.

Few big positives:IMG_4964

  1. He played tennis
  2. He found a bottom bunk
  3. He can watch F1 Racing still
  4. Kuwait has Netflix

Though the first week felt like it took months, it seemed like week two went by a little bit quicker and he’s starting to get a hang for his mission.

This morning I made bacon and absolutely overcooked and burned it. It looked like a piece of coal when I pulled it out of the pan. When Mike is home we cook breakfast together on weekends and I’m in charge of the eggs and he’s in charge of the bacon. He knows what temperature to cook it at, when to turn them over and when to pull them out as if he is the Emperor of Baconsberg. I missed him a lot when I looked around my smoked filled house and down at my plate of inedible bacon bits. Might be moving to sausage for the time being until he’s back.

In other news, Ive decided to sign up for the Nashville Rock n Roll Half Marathon on April 29th, which is in two weeks. I’m using races and events as ways to pass the time so I don’t get caught looking around too much and realizing I’m alone. Rather these races will occupy my mind and give me a purpose in my training. Next post I’ll do a little run down of how to get bang for your buck when time is limited and you need to burn a few hundred calories, ASAP.


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